Online store available in Australia!
Online store available in Australia!
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Passive STONE Diffuser Set
Passive STONE Diffuser Set
Passive STONE Diffuser Set

Passive STONE Diffuser Set

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Make your small space a bit more special with the Passive Stone diffuser. Perfect for a desk, a bedside table or your favorite corner, this organic Stone releases a subtle scent able to enhance a feeling of well-being. Add 5 drops of doTerra essential oil to the top of the diffuser, the oil will seep into the porous Stone surface and slowly disperses the space with the aroma.

The Passive Stone Diffuser could be a wonderful surprise for a friend or a delightful housewarming gift.

doTerra Essencial Oils

Essential Oils have been used throughout history in many cultures for their health-promoting properties. Their unique chemical structure allows them to deliver targeted benefits and to promote vitality and well-being.

doTERRA´s essential oils are pure, natural, aromatic compounds carefully extracted from plants. They represent the safest and most beneficial oils available in the world today.


-Lavender: Versatile and therapeutic, the peaceful, floral aroma of lavender is a must-have in your wellness regime. From easing stress to helping relieve headaches, lavender oil is a cherished remedy that has a rich history of health and wellness benefits.

-Peppermint: With its invigorating aroma, therapeutic Peppermint oil uplifts both body and mind. Traditionally used in aromatherapy to relieve symptoms of mild tension headaches as well as to support mental function, we like to think of Peppermint oil as nature’s leveller – the perfect counterbalance to today’s busy world.

Product features

-Refreshes any small or personal area

-No power or combustion needed

-Add 5 drops of essential oil to the Stone surface

-Essential oil drops are absorbed into the tiny pores of the clay Stone

-Strength of aroma can be changed by adding as little or as much oil as preferred

-Aroma can be refreshed or changed again and again


-Handmade ceramic Stone Diffuser

-Handmade Ceramic plate

-5mL doTerra Essential Oil (Lavender or Peppermint)


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